Mission Statement
Ensure a strong active recruiting of new members and maintaining a positive relationship
with current members of the Mile Hi Veterans.
  • Involve as many Members as possible in club actives by soliciting their help in  
  • Send renewal reminders to members to ensure timely renewal of membership.
  • Recruit new members by holding various recruitment actives to provide potential  
    members information about the club and its benefits.
  • Find innovative ways to inform the membership of upcoming events and meetings.
  • To develop a committee mission statement and annual objectives.
  • To review and update the current membership application procedure as needed.
  • To attract Veterans and retain members .
  • Develop and maintain a web site..
TO JOIN AND BECOME A MEMBER OF THE Mile HI Veterans Organization
  • Be of  good character
  • Need  not  be a veteran, but support all veterans issues
  • Be over 21 years old (except for Youth)                                                         
  • Participate at meetings                                                                                    
  • Assist in reaching our goals
  • Pay dues on a yearly basis (Jan 1 - Dec 31                                         
  • New Non-Veterans: $55.00/ $40.00 Renewal: New Veterans $45.00/$30.00 Renewal
  • New Women members $55.00 / $40.00 Renewal: Youth $10.00 membership fees.
  • Potential members must  have a Mile Hi Veterans member in good standing as a
    Your sponsor will present your application to the general membership for approval at the monthly General
    Membership Meeting. y, All approved new members  will be sworn in. Please check the calendar for
    meeting times
    Ask any committee member or the bartender for an application form.
1717 Federal Blvd 80204               303 455-3304
Membership Committee

General Membership
meeting every 2nd
Thursday of the month

General Membership
meeting every
of the month
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