Our History

Out of the days of World War II arose stories of valor of America's young men and women and
of hope and renewed idealism. As millions of veterans returned home, many looked to the GI
Bill of Rights, which guaranteed educational, medical, housing and other basic benefits. But
these benefits were being denied in large part to Americans of Mexican decent and other
Hispanics throughout the United States.

This aroused a young Army Major veteran, Hector P. Garcia, a physician from Corpus Christi,
Texas, and in 1948 he was inspired to rally his former comrades-in-arms. Thus was born the
American GI Forum dedicated to addressing problems of discrimination and inequities endured
by Hispanic veterans.

The Forum, its Women's and Youth Auxiliary Forums, soon became an advocate for all
Hispanics and broadened its activities throughout the states to promote civic affairs.
The American GI Forum Founder Dr. Hector P. Garcia, MD was recognized by the Nation for his
work in service to America and was presented the country's highest civilian award, the Medal
of Freedom by President Ronald Reagan.

The Forum's motto is:
"Education is Our Freedom and Freedom should be Everybody's Business."

The American GI Forum today continues to be a beacon of hope and an avenue for
involvement for the returning veteran and/or the ordinary citizen aspiring to improve
conditions within his own community. Local, State and National Conferences continue to
promote and move forward an agenda put forth in 1948 for the betterment of all citizens and by
the American GI Forum.

Mile High Chapter - Now doing business as:

In 1965, the Mile Hi Chapter was organized and constitutionally chartered as an affiliate
member of the American GI Forum. We are located at 1717 Federal Blvd Denver Colorado
80204. As an organization we provide many different services to our veteran community. The
American GI Forum is proud to have non-veterans as members. Our backgrounds may be
different, but we are joined by a common cause, we who served and continue to help our
young men and women returning from war-zones and those who were not able to serve but are
willing to share their time helping our veterans and their families with the same devotion that
comes from serving our country and by sharing experiences that are uniquely ours with others.

1717 Federal Blvd 80204               303 455-3304
Dr. Hector P. Garica
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